Gloucester Triumph Sports Six Club

                         Norn's MG

     Richard's New form of transport 

             David Royle"s Corvette 

               John Kitchen's Capri


       Mike Hamson's Plymouth Prowler


            John Bentley's MGB GT


            Celia Royle's Austin A40 

                    Henry's TVR 

       So cool that Andy got one too.. 

                 Vince Royle's Alpha


        Nigel and Jeanna Ind's Porche


              Vicky Kitchen's MG 

          Pauline Dredge's Mercedes  

        Richard Dredge & his Alpine.....

   is it Talbot, Sunbeam, Renault or what ??? 

        Chris's Alternative to his Spitfire 

& not to be out done.....Vicky HAD to have one....... 

Chris & Tracy's Low slung 2 seater convertible 

            Richard Dredge's Mercedes

        The 'Royle Family's' Bentley


               Sue Hill's MG