Gloucester Triumph Sports Six Club

The big brother of the Herald was the Vitesse, the first model coming in at 1600 and then giving way to the Mk1 2 litre and finally being re-fined into the Mk2 2 litre.  We are lucky in the area to have a wide variety of these models with many convertibles, saloons but including a coupe & an estate.

            Jason's Vitesse 'Vanessa'  

                 Matt Bliss's Vitesse 

                 Bev's Vitesse Estate 


            Mike Lawrence's Mk1 Saloon 


                      Marcus' Vitesse 

                  Bev's Vitesse 


                Richard Dredge's Vitesse 


                  Hugh's Vitesse Saloon 


       Simon Wright's Vitesse Convertible  

               Richard, Berry Boy's Vitesse Mk2 


              Barry's Vitesse 'Coupe'