Gloucester Triumph Sports Six Club

Mike's Ex- Vitesse. 

Dave's Previous TR7 

An Old Herald from off my drive! 

Mark's Old Vitesse ......somebody got a bargain! 

Martin B's Old GT6......where are you now?


 Barry's ex - Courier Van ....with windows you know.

Bob's Ex - GT6


Martin P's Mark 3 Spitty - Lucy ...... 

One of Barry's Old Shed's......... 

Thought we would have a page dedicated to the cars we once owned within the group.  Most have gone on to lead surprisingly happy lives after leaving our tender care!!


One of Paul's Old Rochdale Olympics 

Paul's Old TR6

Another old Herald from off my Drive


One careful 'gentleman' owner....Barry's old Vitesse 

Saved from the dreadful Northern Weather & safely sold back to a Southerner. Gary's TR6

Chris & Ali's Old Spitfire 

Zorro - Bev's Old 13/60 Saloon 

                 Dave T's last TR7 

Bob J's old GT8 mk 2 

Bob's 13/60 Convertible 


Paul & then Celia's old Herald

Karen's Old Spitfire


And Yes a Third old herald from off my drive 

While on the subject of Vitesse's another one from off my drive. 

Martin P's old TR6 another sent off to pastures new.

Sold to the man with the highest bid.........

 Paul's Ex - TR7 


Bob & Shirley's Herald Coupe 

     Simon Gane's 'lesser spotted' Spitfire 6